Control of Flamia Island

Ambushed at Onza - لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله

VS Tohaa
Muffin Man

//Mission: Nimbus Zone (Wider Area)
//Initiative roll: Haqqislam wins, keeps Initiative, chooses to go first. Tohaa chooses to Deploy second.
//Disclaimer: Mistakes were made. I “forgot” about White Noise until several orders in, then used it twice, and failed to use it twice. Realized when I was doing my personal post mortem that White Noise is only available on Hacking Device Plus, which Hassassin Bahram doesn’t even have access to. Ironically, I think I might have performed better had I just used those orders to move.
//Disclaimer 2: Or, you know, used them for smoke because his snipers only had MSV 1.

1) Last survivor, Daylami w/o Arm because I repeatedly knocked him off the table during this game. That’s what he gets for failing his PH roll and deploying to the table edge.
2,3) End of game table
4,5) End of Turn 1 table, because I forgot before.

::::::::Replaying Debrief 201604270945::::::::::Starting at 10 Minutes, 45 seconds:::::::::
Unfortunately, ma’am, we only have video of this engagement. We’ve pieced together our own satellite recordings with news Aerocam recordings, and recordings the Nomads shared with us.

So this is before the engagement. You can see our troops approaching the Nimbus Antenna field here. They start to move more cautiously and take up positions when they reach the facility perimeter. We don’t have any of their radio chatter, but I think they’re just being careful, I don’t see any evidence of contact having been made. Until… now. The Tohaa come in on the other side of the Nimbus Zone. This is when I’d really like audio. It was a short engagement, but it was extremely deadly for our people. It starts here, on this rooftop. That Tohaa sniper takes two shotgun blasts straight to the chest before it goes down.

Can we play the rest of this at half speed? Thank you.

Now, as I was saying, ma’am, if you direct your attention back to the ground you’ll see our ground troops advance into the Nimbus Zone. What Unit are they from? Still Unknown, ma’am. No badges or insignia were recovered from the field, and the mission equipment manifest is mostly redacted. It was signed personally by the Lt. Colonel in charge of Forward Base Panj. We have recovered Cubes, and will be able to learn more once they have new LHosts. His office only described this whole group as an “Experimental Tactical Squad.”

Yes, rewind. There. Play again. Half speed.

So, they advance up to the Nimbus Antennae and hold their ground there through most of the engagement. When the Tohaa start their press forward, the rest of our troops react to try to keep them back, but they’re getting gunned down. Initial forensics indicate that the Tohaa were probably using Viral Ammunition, which is something we can wave in front of the Concilium when we protest this attack. No, ma’am, no biological materials listed on our equipment manifest. That’s what I said. They continue their press toward this unit, who hold out well, definitely Veterans. It will be interesting to talk to them when we have them back. And then we see the last man run… here. Tribal volunteer, ma’am. If we ever see him again we’ll take what disciplinary action we can, but he didn’t report back in afterward. We only presume he’s alive because we haven’t found a body.

Definite tactical mistakes, ma’am. We’ll be keeping a closer eye on what experimental schemes the Lt. Colonel is coming up with. I will be asking permission along formal channels, of course, but I’d like your backing on using this as training material. I think it will be useful for trainee Officers for the command mistakes, and this was a good look at what the Tohaa are capable of, especially since we have such good video of the engagement. Thank you, ma’am.

Yes, other units are still holding off the Combined Army while civilians are evacuated. They aren’t all safe yet, but we’re holding an escape route open now. Insha’allah, we’ll be holding the facility for O-12 shortly.

:::::::::::::End of Debrief:::::::::::::Trimming and relaying to High Command::::::::::::Packets sent::::::::::Keeping channel open for replies:::::::::::

//Turn one, Haqqislam: First my one Mutt charged madly to his own death. I then proceeded to taking out La Muet because I didn’t want to deal with his ODD, MSV, and Sniper Rifle so I had one of my Fidays gun him down. With him out of the way, I started to advance my Govad team to the first antenna, and started receiving pot shots from the Nikaul across the board. I activated the Daylamis I had on that half of the board and attempted to take the Nikaul down with their Panzerfausts, but they were both killed by AROs and the Nikaul was unharmed. I resumed the Govad advance (here are my illegal White Noise uses) and disconnected one Antenna. I was just able to get my last Daylami in position to destroy one Antenna and I used my Lt. Order to break my Govad link and put the Lt. in Suppressive fire.

//Turn One, Tohaa: Symbiobeasts went after the Fiday that killed Le Muet, received a bunch of AROs, and were then locked down in CC with the Fiday. The Nikaul shot at anything he could see, killing my Barid. Then he advanced one of his Triads on an Antenna and deactivated it, gunning down my Farzan which revealed to try to kill his hacker. He moved another Triad out of cover and took down my second Fiday, which had revealed to ARO the Symbiobeast that activated near him. This was my first time playing vs Tohaa so I don’t quite have each model name down, but my Najjarun was also killed by something or other. I think he also downloaded a console data pack on this turn.

//Turn two, Haqqislam: There wasn’t much I could do at this point, I had been taken down to nearly a third of my army in the first turn. I downloaded a console data pack, and put one of my Hacker Govads into suppressive fire sitting on the console. I tried to advance to the middle console with the other one, and it was killed by a Clipso. I was left with the one Daylami and attempted to put my second Panzerfaust into the Clipso, but the penalties ended up being -12, and the Daylami’s BS is 11. This was a theme throughout this game.

//Turn two: Tohaa He poured orders into my Fiday until it died, and moved on my Suppressive Firing Govads and they did some damage. He then switched back to his other Combat group and deactivated the last Antenna. He went after the Govads and killed them both. He tried to download another data pack, but my last remaining troop, the one Daylami, hit the hacker with an unlikely crit from his Light Shotgun.

//Turn three, Haqqislam: RETREAT!

Ambushed at Onza - لا حول ولا قوة إلا باللهAmbushed at Onza - لا حول ولا قوة إلا باللهAmbushed at Onza - لا حول ولا قوة إلا باللهAmbushed at Onza - لا حول ولا قوة إلا باللهAmbushed at Onza - لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله
Muffin Man

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  • Terrordactyl says:

    I made a critical rules error at the very beginning that probably changed the game significantly.

    When he laid down two snipers with MSV I was like “I need to take care of those before I can advance” and basically spent my first turn doing that.

    What I should have done is gone “good thing those are just MSV-1” an continued with my plan of advancing under smoke, but I forgot that MSV1 can’t see through smoke.

    As far as Tohaa-ness, I think their mobility was only really an edge once.

  • Vounchiz says:

    Seems to be hard to crush those Tohaas…

  • Terrordactyl says:


  • Ierim says:

    Good report! better luck next time!

  • Terrordactyl says:

    Thanks! Only the Daylami was left so I was like hmm how do I do this Narrative…

  • Garak says:

    Good report, like the angle you took with it.

  • Terrordactyl says:

    Thanks! I wanted Arabic intro and outro audio week 1 but it took a while to get it recorded because I wanted it to sound nice. I know. I made several tactical errors do you have any suggestions though?

  • BazlordPrime says:

    Great report! As a fellow HB player, it made me cry, but I just got badly pantsed by YuJing myself, so I feel your pain.
    Nice touch at the beginning of the video with the Arabic.

  • Terrordactyl says:

    Thank you!

  • Goonhammer says:

    Excellent report, Commander!

  • Terrordactyl says:

    Unless they extend the campaign, I think this will be my last one, unfortunately. If they extend it, then next game. If not, next campaign! This has been a blast for me and I’d love to see more.

  • John Tenzer says:

    Good report. Sadly not with the result we needed. But there’s always a next time…! 😉