Control of Flamia Island

Achilles Down

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VS Yu Jing

We regret to inform you that Achilles has fallen. The JSA warrior, Kitsune, has proven more than a match for our mighty leader as she carefully predicted the warpath Achilles would take and intercepted him from the shadows and plunged her monofilament blade clean into his Hoplite armor. Our engineers best look into this weakness in later incarnations of the said armor. The mission, however, was not a complete failure. I managed to rally my forces to take control of one of the antennas in the area. We even obliterated the enemy fire team. The lack of discipline following our leader’s demise, however, proved to be insurmountable as the other fire teams broke right after securing a second antenna. This disaster lead to my fireteam’s downfall even with the support of Eudoras and Phoenix. It’s best to bring in a Myrmidon Officer next time to keep everyone steady as Achilles seems to be in the habit of biting far more than he can chew. Nevertheless, we are prepared to continue pushing forward after licking our wounds.

– Thorikitai Commander Alke

Yu Jing

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