Control of Flamia Island

Operation So That Happened

VS PanOceania

Had a great game of drunkfinity against a friend last night. I was playing Hassassins and he was playing MO.

His list was something like:
Joan LT
TR bot w/ HMG
TO camp sniper
Deferseon w/ hacing device
Order Sgt. link team
Some AD troop (we both forgot he was in the list, never came on).

My list: Triple Fiday Shenanigans – see attached.

Turn 1: Takes out Bob from Finance, reveals TO sniper. TO sniper proceeds to take out my link leader, TR bot. I drop my Ragik in right behind his sniper. I forget that the ragik doesn’t have a spitfire, play him as having a spitfire. Sniper fails to turn around. Commence 3 orders of shooting the spitfire into the TO sniper. I fail to hit once. He fails to make the roll to turn around. Ragik dies to a long-range Defersen shot.

Turn 2: TO kills my LT, he spends rest of his turn moving around to claim table quarters. I send Bob from accounting on a suicide mission. Places mine next to Defersen and the HMG bot. HMG, deferson, sniper, and an order sgt. all ARO against Bob unopposed. They all miss. I try to use my spitfire Muyib to take out the TO sniper. Crit to death. Ok then…

At this point I call the game as all I have are two muyibs. I actually had Bob from Marketing (al Djabel) but I forgot he was on the table.

I played really poorly, but I’ll blame the beer. It was a really fun game against a friend I haven’t seen in a while.


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