Control of Flamia Island

Operation Jade Crest

VS PanOceania

Onza Governmental Complex, Flamia Island, Paradiso – Anderson Williams, AccessNeoTERRA – BREAKING NEWS: Haqqislamite special forces have struck a PanOceanian black site. Unnamed sources within the Haqqislam high command have let it be known that the black site was a prison where PanOceania officials unlawfully detained, tortured, and killed individuals thought to be dangers to the state.

The complex was manned almost exclusively by members of the Military Orders sect of the PanOceania government. The Haqqislamite attack commenced around 8am local time, just as the majority of the PanO forces were engaged in the second round of morning prayer. Advance units, having infiltrated past the perimeter guards, used heavy weaponry to take out several high profile targets. This was quickly followed by an assault of more heavily armed Haqqislam units. While we cannot confirm, reports indicate that units of the Azra’il regiment took part in leading the main assault. If this is the case, it seems that someone in the Haqqislam government wants to deliver a message. A very public message.

Access NeoTERRA News has tried repeatedly to get comments from members of the PanOceanian military. All requests have been denied.

From Flamia Island, Paradiso, this is Anderson Williams.


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  • Vounchiz says:

    No pictures ?

  • TehMik says:

    Hah! Yeah, my first turn was brutal. For me. You killed my Fiday and my Ragik landed right in front of basically your entire army. It was a close, close game.

  • HolyFatherKnight says:

    Thanks for the great game! Can’t believe that my fusilier took down your Fiday in melee. Thought that for sure that was a good omen for me. Will definitely need a rematch, and soon!