Control of Flamia Island


Yu Jing
VS PanOceania

YuJing vs PanO, Guijia vs Jhotum & Seraph… these PanO Tags are being represented/proxied by spare nomad/merc Tags for the game. Yujing win roll and take tableside DZ order. ITS = ANTENNA FIELD.

PanO#1. Seraph begins an advance, takes an ARO from Guilang sniper. Unsuccessful snipe, Guilang goes down. Pushes further forward, takes ARO from Raiden HRL. Unsuccessful ARO, Raiden goes down. Jhotum gains some ground with one or two orders. Seraph advances some more, trades auxbot with Kuangshi. Guijia tries to anti-materiel ARO, unsuccessfully. PanO goes into suppression fire.

YuJing#1. The other surviving Guilang FO moves into the building, places repeater in range of enemy Jhotum. Then opens door, takes out PanO TR bot. Hacker is unsuccessful in immobilizing enemy Jhotum on account of good BTS rolls. Friendly LuDuan attempts to inflict damage upon Seraph, unsuccessful. Guilang FO now leaves building, this is the second game round, and with TR bot taken out, successfully gains B2B with central objective and secures 2-0 objectives for YJ.

PanO#2. Jhotum sidesteps and aims HMG into the building containing repeater, risking an overlord. Easily shrugs it aside and clears repeater. Proceeds to destroy Guiling on central objective. Seraph now advances to pounce upon LuDuan and Kanren simultaneously, but PanO general forgets that LuDuan contains a repeater!!! Overlord time!! YuJing troops crunched, but Seraph now possessed……. Jhotum retreats, fearing hell.

YuJing#2. Possessed Seraph conducts friendly orders and is moved into B2B with Jhotum to get it out of the way, spends a single CC order, unsuccessful to hit. Japanese engineer moved carefully to local objective location to secure scenario. 4-0 to YJ.

PanO#3. Large material advantage after command token spent to regain control over Seraph. Both Tags sent out to gain control over battlefield Jhotum engages in firefight with Guijia and strips 2 STR points from YJ TAG. PanO Specialists dispatched to hold central and home base objectives for Antenna Field scenario. Heavy suppresion fire laid down.

YuJing#3. Serious order and firepower deficit, however, large objective points lead. PanO can win by gaining 2 objective points for having more Antennae at the end of this game round, the central antennae (for another two), plus an classified objective… or in fact…. just another single points for having that all-important central Antennae at the end of the game. KuangShi rise to the task, hitting the PanO specialist camping on the central objective with a deadly chain-rifle blast. Then the Celestial Guard with KS control device rips away with his combi rifle, long range, taking a suppression-fire ARO from the Seraph in the process, but shooting at the PanO specialist at the opposite DZ objective, nailing him. YuJing take it 4-0. No classifieds completed.

Further thoughts. My opponent was really just testing TAG profiles before making the decision to order the models. He also wanted to see how heavy armour might have held up against the ISS list that I normally run, that I didn’t run this game. Double TAGs is not great strategically however–you will never have enough orders or specalists to stop you opponent from beating you in ITS missions.

Yu Jing

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  • Zenon Berg says:

    Nice table. It’s also nice to see (mostly) painted models.

    Could you double TAG and cheap fill?

    Deus est cum nobis,
    -Col Hospitaller Zenon