Control of Flamia Island

The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)

Durian Khaar
VS Yu Jing

Day 63 Flamia Operation „Swords of the prophet“
Onza Complex – Chinatown – YuYing Supremacy
T-0300 FTZ

The cold thick air mulled the roaring of the old but trusty XPR-075’s engines. Three of these Haqqislamite suborbital ferries cut through the faint light of a looming dawn above the Onza governmental complex. Their target was a habitat area controlled by YuYing. The sector had seen lots of activity from YuYing forces lately even though all other powers of the Human sphere condemned the State Empire’s actions at the already secured Governmental complex. It had made no sense. Although even O-12 had warned YuYing about cutting their access to Aleph’s support at Flamia, their troops kept engaging Haqqislam security forces and tried to set perimeters against other factions of the Human Sphere. And on top of that, right in midst of the Combined Army’s attack on Paradiso. While many only attributed this behavior to the Empires arrogance and lust for power, Lt. Qudamah and Doc Halifa had learned the truth: A high ranking officer, closely connected to the YuYing High Command at Flamia, had gone rogue. Probably sepsitorized by the E.I. his forces controlled a small complex at Onza, restricting any access. With the Data from the Nimbus Zone (see ONZA I) and the compiling power of the Comms Center (see ONZA II), the Commander was identified as Yushi Fakamori, a famed Gujia Pilot. The threat was imminent, hence the “Swords of the prophet” requested help from the remaining forces of the Human Sphere. Whatever Fakamori was protecting, High Command was sure, they would not like the E.I.’s plan falling into action. Now the three dropships, loaded to the brink with the finest soldiers of humanity, neared the landing zone. “Lock and load, men and women,” Lt. Qudamah yelled. As cartridges were slammed into the heavy Azra’il’s Feuerbach and HMG he added: “May Allah guide us, until HIS shining grace will lie eyes on this patch of land, either we all are dead or the traitors will have to meet the maker themselves. Prepare yourself, for whatever will come….GO!” Qudamah grabbed his rifle and leapt from the XPR-075 hovering above the ground, behind him the stomping of the heavy Azra’ils.
Doc Halifa watched him depart until he vanished behind a building. She still had a nervous feeling in her replaced guts, something….still…was not right. Her Hand brushed over the spot, where the last bullet had wounded her. She shook off the thought and turned to her fellow Ghulams: “Alright ladies, now it’s our turn, show those Alien infidels and traitors the might of the Prophet’s sword, in Shah’ Allah!”

The allied forces had taken position. From afar the sounds of Yushi Fakamori’s Gujia could be heard. The YuYing foces were entrenched, prepared for anything the Human Sphere would throw at them. Fighting them upfront would be suicidal, Lt. Qudamah knew that. A Gaze of wind whirled a few pieces of paper up “Friend or Foe” was legible on one of them as they passed by. “Deploy, now!” Qudamah ordered. Screaming jets ignited as two Akalis jumped off a Yuan Yuan Dropship above the area. Asian voices could be heard cursing. The battle-line shifted towards the ferocious airborne troops, allied only for this mission, as they dropped amongst the enemy lines.

Marig touched ground first. The Free Fall had been quicker but the landing proved to be less encumbered, than with the heavy Akalis armor, however in any other means the YuanYuan equipment was vastly inferior to PanOceanian technology. On the other hand, he had to admit, this stuff was quite versatile. Immediately after landing, the YuYing commander tried to face him, but a quick stroke on Marigs vest, and the Akalis vanished behind a wall of smoke. A few steps forward, two to the right. “Here’s hoping nobody moved yet” Marig thought as he lowered the Chain Rifle and pressed the trigger. As the screams of pain came back to his ears, Marig answered: “May God have mercy on your souls, for today I won’t have.”

Qudamah saw the smoke and heard the bellowing of the Chainrifle. Moments later, the Akalis reported: “At least two down, Sir. Seems I have their attention now.” “Acknowledged” the Lieutenant replied, “Team, move in. Let’s get this traitor!” – “in Shah’ Allah!” The heavy Azra’il fell into march, the more lightly armored Hafzas nearby. Through an arc, Azra’il Wuahid had a visual on the Guijia. Yushi Fakamori recognized the threat and prepared his TAG’s Multi HMG for a quck burst, however he underestimated the rapid fire of Wuahids Feuerbach, which blocked the TAG’s weapons arm. The Azra’il took aim another time. “First immobilize, then incapacitate,” he mumbled as he squeezed the trigger. The high-reactive shell ignited, propelling the projectile through the magnetized rail of the barrel and in a fracture of a second, made contact with the Guijias ablative plating, scorching the hydraulic system and melting wires alike. Sparks flared and the mighty Warmachine ceased moving.

Meanwhile Doc Halifa still could not get rid of her uneasy feeling. “Obaran, are you sure the buildings around us are empty? No lifeforms, seed embryos, medical supplies or thermo-nuclear warheads?” – “Nothing, Doc,” the Hacker replied, “I can’t wrap my head around what they want to protect here, either.” – “Strange.” Halifa kicked an empty can aside, “We need more intel! Haris team, try to gain some ground, but watch for the two story building near my location. Sensors suggest an enemy hiding there.” The Odalisques moved out, the streets were empty, nobody there. Should the Sword’s intel have been wrong all along? Was the task force attacking the wrong target ?

Sachveer did not care. He just wanted to blow stuff up. So, when the call to arms was issued, he was eager to use the Haqqislamite equipment to rain down chaos on whoever the enemy was. “Eagle two, the Dragon is wounded, make sure his Nanny won’t see to him” – The Akalis received the Order. Stupid Sandrat, who does he think he is? Violence was Sachveers proficiency and he would distribute it by his own discretion. Throwing a smoke grenade (really handy thing) the Akalis cleared the corner and triggered his Chainrifle. The sound of collapsing metal was heard, but no death cries. Violence really was Sachveers game, aiming less of it. Standing in the open, it was only a matter of time until the Zhanshis would get back to him.

(Clarification: The Akalis were substitutes for YuanYuans as I liked the Idea of a conjoined battlegroup against the CA.
Mission was Supremacy
Writeup: Haqqislam Turn 1
9 Orders in the Main Pool, 3 Orders in the second Group. Frank decided to use a Command Token to diminish my Main Pool to 7 Orders.
I first brought in my Yuan Yuan(Akalis) with their Impetious Orders. One walked in from the side, the other aced his landing out of LoF of every enemy, but within ZoC of the Guijia.
Dropping Smoke the dropped Yuan vanished before the Guijia could fire at him and while being there, he tried an intuitive attack against the Zhanshi Yisheng and the Celestial Guard Hacker, putting both unconscious. This far in the game, my opponent had to sigh, as I just had halfed his number of specialists with my second order. I used two orders to get the Azra’il Link-Team into position and two more orders to shoot at the Guijia. 3 Hits and one Crit later, the TAG was disabled. Understandably, Frank was not amused. The Haris team used two more orders to cover both leftmost quadrants. The second Yuan Yuan threw some smoke and tried to get to the other Zhanshis with his Chain Rifle, but ended up only killing the Med-Bot.)

Yushi Fakamori groaned inside the Guijia. His mind filled with the remaining human emotions, always battling against the stern will of the E.I. The humans must not disturb the seeds slumber, the alien mind orderd. “Deploy Tiger soldiers, now!” the voice of the YuYing Commander issued.
Above the combat zone the Azure Dropship had engaged the Haqqislam XPR-075s. Smoke and the smell of burnt metal filled the air, as the Azure swept in behind an enemy dropship and delivered the killing blow. Tiger Soldier An Hua and Man Ya were preparing their gear as the lamps showed green for Combat Jump. “Take Care, brother,” An Hua told his comrade, “Your Dropzone will be quite hot.” – “I wouldn’t expect less, for we are the Tiger’s claws!” Man Yal replied grinning, before locking his helmet into place. “For the Emperor, for YuYing!” they shouted as they jumped of the red dropship, engaging their thrusters. While they fell towards their designated landing zones, An Hua recognized his comrade being hit and starting to drift aimlessly. Below 100m the reverse thrust kicked in, but before a building blocked An Hua’s view, he witnessed his friend crashing hard on the ground. But a Tiger Soldier does not flinch, not even in the face of death….
Meanwhile Yushi Fakamori’s TAG had been repaired via Yaozao. The E.I. controlled Lieutenant smelled the human blood, mixed with the lubricant of the TAG’s cooling system. His fingertips started to get numb, due to blood loss. “Seal the hatches, then advance,” Fakamori ordered. While the Zhanshis facing the Akalis engaged in a firefight, the Zhanshi Haramoko decided to fall back, not to face the Akalis, who just had killed his two comrades. On the other side of the battlefield a Guilang crouched towards a hatch on the top of the two story building, sealing it with rapid hardening structure foam. Djanbazan Sniper Nazil recognized the movement, but could not get a shot. Suddenly he perceived something in the corner of his eye. In one straight move he pulled out his pistol and pointed it at the decloaking DaoFei locking both in a stalemate. With the Haqqislamits attention focused on these new threats, Fakamori’s remaining intellect thought he could get the advantage against the enemy fireteam. He had, however, not taken in mind the determination of a disgraced Azra’il. As the first bullets of the Multi HMG just began trembling in their cartridge, Wuahid had already sent two Feuerbach projectiles towards the Guijia, ruining the field repairs by the little Yaozao. Instead of sending a hail of fire towards the Haqqislamits, the HMG unloaded into the sidewalks concrete, sending splinters of stone upwards, screeching over the Guijias armor and masking the angry screams of the sepsitorized Lt. Yushi Fakamori. The E.I. Ghost had to witness nearly every move of his foiled, but only seconds were left for him to witness.

(Writeup YuYing Turn 1:
Starting only with 5 Orders (two Tiger Soldiers in the back, and one misinterpreted DaoFei in Hidden Deployment) Frank first tried dropping those Airborne troops. While one was only seen by a Nasmat drone. The others landing was observed by half of the Link Team, resulting in a quick death. Next time I will point that kind of danger out to my opponent, as he was not aware of it. On the left side, a Zhanshi tried to fight it out with the YuanYuan. In the end both died. On the other side the remaining Zhanshi tried to get into better position by retreating. Now the Mech Engineer used his Yaozao to repair the Guijia. But before trying to take out my Fireteam, Frank wanted to secure a console (Hatch in our game) with his Guilang. He then tried to kill the Djanbazan with his Daofei, but both dice results cancelled each other. With his Lieutenant Order Frank finally tried to take out my Azra’il but was thwarted by yet another one of my critical hits (I had quite a lot of them this game).

Marig saw the little Yaozao trying to meddle with the Guijia again. A quick burst of his Chainrifle pinned the bot’s hand to the TAG unable to move. “Soldier, stand back!” Lt. Qudamah ordered the Akalis, “Azra’il Wuahid, finish this!” The mechanized Soldier once more took up his Feuerbach and put an end to Yushi Fakamori’s life by igniting the fuel cells of the Guijia burning body and cube of its pilot before being able to activate the ejection system. Akalis Marig had spotted a last Zhanshi in the meantime, and engaged the Soldier in Close Combat, disarming the foe and sending him into the land of dreams with a proficient kick to the head. The voice of the female Doctor was heard on his channel, “Corporal Marig, we have identified a YuYing NCO near your location. With the immediate threat eliminated we need to know what we are up against. Get her to talk!” Marig was offended. Did this woman consider him a courier? Nevertheless he carried out the order, quickly crossing the field where his Chainrifle had wreaked havoc before. He nearly slipped on a puddle of blood, but caught himself again. Reaching the biggest habitat unit, he spotted the civilian. She had to be a Comms technician judging by her gear, however at the moment, the young Asian women was crouched into a corner with her hands covering her head. Weeping sounds could be heard. Marig was not sure how to approach her, he had expected….warriors….”Madame…..,” he started. The woman looked at him with swollen eyes, opened wide by fear. As she recognized the frightening armor, she darted back against the wall. Marig was confused, the Doctors voice contacted him again, she had linked in on his visor without him noticing: “Corporal, you need to calm this woman down, maybe remove your helmet, show her you are human, if you can, and loose the gun!” Marig was partially perplexed and followed the instructions. He removed his helmet and looked at the woman. In the nearing light of dawn, his skin shone like gold, he dropped the gun and reached out for her. “Listen, we are here to help. Don’t fear us, we will get you out of here.” The woman mustered him, the blood on his armor made him look like a blue angel of wrath in the faint morning light. Distant, but human. “They…..are…everywhere………,” she stuttered. “Who, who are they?” Doc Halifa insisted via comms. Malig approached the woman cautiously: “We can take you somewhere else, somewhere safe….just give me your hand” – She flinched back from his hand, hugging the wall, but then suddenly darting from it, like it was some strange creature ready to lunge at her. Marig caught her, but she started to scream and kick: “Thousand snakes,… always watching,…. down below…..no escape….no help….you threw us there….!” Surprised by her resistance the Akalis could not help himself but employed a quick grip to incapacitate her. “Corporal Marig? What happened? Is the woman well?” Doc Halifa immediately insisted. – “She is well, just unconscious, must have lived through something really messy.” – “Positive, Corporal,” Doc answered, “But I think I know what’s up. Obaran, send a drone near into one of these hatches, but be clandestine.”

While the Akalis was busy following Doc Halifa’s orders, Lt. Qudamah tried to round up the combat zone, without causing all too many casualites. The Haris team formed up and threatened the Tiger Soldier watching the DaoFei’s flank. Odalisque Maira tried to reason with the soldier: “This is Maira of Combat Group “Keeper of Faith”, your Lieutenant is dead, your support is scattered, surrender now and we will let you go after an Inoculation.” – The Tiger Soldier replied “We are the Claws of the Tiger, the Emperors finest, we will never surrender!” Having finished the Tiger Soldier began firing with his Combi Rifle. “Ugh, to honorable to loose,” Maira thought. She started running, dashed of the wall and landed on her feet, all the while shooting from her submachine gun. The bullets hit the brave YuYing-Warrior. “Death before dishonor” he uttered, before sinking to the ground. Maira closed in, took a look at the bright armor and sent a quick prayer to Allah for this brave soul. On top of the building, the DaoFei had to face off with the Djanbazan and the Ghulam, but no one dared to move. As the Odalisque, standing at the bottom of the stairs, made him the same offer, as she did to the Tiger Soldier, the Warrior lowered his weapon and surrendered.

(Writeup 2nd Turn Haqqislam:
With the Impetious Order, the YuanYuan moves towards the Yaozao as the closest enemy and shoots his Chainrifle, making no damage at all. Starting the regular orders, the Link Team eliminated the Guijia once and for all. I then sent my Yuan to deal with the last Zhanshi, which he very successfully did by hitting him with a 19 (another crit….) Then I tried to gain more ground and moved the YuanYuan towards the building and the HVT.
With the second combat group, I tried to shoot the DaoFei with the remaining Ghulam on top of the building, but never wounded him (hence they remained in a stalemate in the narration). I moved the Haris link of Odalisques back and took out the Tiger Soldier.
With only the Mech Engineer, the Guilang and the Daofei remaining and being in Loss of Lieutenant, my opponent ceded the match to me.)

Qudamah dropped the last of the Naphta Charges into the well. The other Haqqislamite soldiers quickly closed the hatch and sealed it. Obaran’s clearance had uncovered a massive nest of seed embryos waiting in the maintenance tunnels below. The Combat Group had deployed massive D-Charges loaded with Naphta enhancement to burn out the infestation. Yushi Fakamori was killed, his plot uncovered. The surviving soldiers of his commando had not been sepsitorized, but simply had been following orders, without questioning. An attitude Qudamah could not understand. Even though in a battle situation, orders had to be carried out without hesitation, individual thinking, humanity was what separated man from the E.I.. Maybe the bloodshed could have been averted, if just one YuYing soldier would have questioned the plan of his commanding officer, thought about the consequences for the Human Sphere, rather than tried to engulf himself in the shining arrogance and ignorance of the YuYing Empire’s Service. “We’ll better board our transports,” Doc Halifa penetrated Qudamahs dark thoughts. “This whole place will be a burning madhouse, once these charges are lit up.” – “Is all personal evacuated? I would never forgive myself leaving any human being behind,” Qudamah interrogated. – “We did not even forget a poor Comms technician if you imply that,” Doc replied with a smile, “The tunnels are a separate system. For once the separatist attitude of YuYing is good for something. Neither will the fire consume anything outside this district, nor will those Aliens have anywhere to run to. This fortress will be their urn.” Lt. Qudamah was exhausted but relieved:” Then let’s go, I can’t wait to leave this place behind, it gives me the shivers.”

The sun had just cleared the horizon, the light of day was still young, while below the XPR-075s the habitat burst into flames. Marig looked below and shook his head: “It is like we kindled a new sun.” The woman beside him took his hand. “No, you have kindled hope for the whole Human sphere,” the Comms Technician said and embraced him.

The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)The Onza Conspiracy (Part III)
Durian Khaar

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