Control of Flamia Island

A Hot Day in Antela

VS Ariadna

Gunfire and explosions were heard on the left flank. Then… silence. Frantic howls and barks came from the right, folloowed by gunfire and screaming. That didn’t bode well.
When an arrow whizzed past his head Kemal quickly turned and shot down the approaching Foxtrot. He checked his comms for a status update and noticed all Remote support was inactive.
“Command, our fire support is down! Where do you want me to go first?” ….. silence ….. “Command, please respond. I need a new vector.”…. Still nothing. The screaming on the far right had stopped too.
Kemal checked his comms again. It didn’t show much movement, but Hakim was still in an excellent position on top of the radio tower. “Hakim, come in please. I need a new attack vector. Command is not responding. What do you see?”
“*shush* you’ll blow my cover-!. !RATATATA! “Damn it!! Too.. Aarghh!”
“Sh*t! Got to do it myself then. Sorry Hakim, but at least I know where to go now.” Kemal ducked out of cover to cross the gap towards the next building on the left flank. His goal was the disabled rocker launcher. “Okay, this doesn’t look too bad.” He took some clippers and a small welding tool from his belt and rewired the drone. The Remote whirred back to life. “No forward observers left, so I’ll have to do this manually.” Kemal punched some coordinates in the drones targeting matrix. “Have a taste of Haqqislamite wrath, you Ariadnan scum!!” Kemal slammed on the fire controls and two rockets shot upwards over the building he and the Remote were hiding behind. The rockets made a beautiful parabole and crashed down into a gantry on the other side of the battlefield. BOOOM! “Aaaargggh!” “Bullseye!”
“Now to do it again. I’ll just set this thing on auto-fire to cover my retreat. Someone has to get a report to HQ. …. Oh god, what am I going to tell them?”

A Hot Day in AntelaA Hot Day in AntelaA Hot Day in AntelaA Hot Day in AntelaA Hot Day in AntelaA Hot Day in Antela

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  • Zenon Berg says:

    Big battle! Decent report. Sounds like you were a good punching bag.
    Grammar note (if you care): parabola 😀

    Good narrative, nice pics.

    Deus est cum nobis,
    -Col Hospitaller Zenon