Control of Flamia Island

Onzo GHQ Sabotage

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VS Yu Jing

One of the hardest engagements we ever had. In total we lost 18 models…

Bascially it all came down to the last Yu Jing order to see who wins the game.

Nomads seized initiative and began by deploying an offensive Tachikoma list with a Lunokhod, two Tsyklons and a TR Zond. The rest was filled with specialists, Jaguars and two AD Tomcats. Yu Jing deployed 4 Aragato, Yojimbo, a Keisotsu link, a TO Ninja, Kempaitai and two MSV Drones.

***Nomads Turn 1***
All the Tachikoms began to advance. Unfortunately, we noticed a small gap and during one of the Coordinated orders a Jaguar died to a FO Keisotsu. The TR Zond attempted to kill the only ARO threat on the table, the Keisotsu Missile Launcher, but got a Rocket to the head instead. The Tsyklon Spitfire advances with a Supportware program from the Interventor, and dispatches the Keisotsu. Unfortunately, in the Coordinated Order the Lunokhod is blinded and his HL flanking attack is stopped. The Clockmaker disconnects one of the Antennas. The Tsyklon enters Suppresive Fire as the last order.

***JSA turn 1***

Massacre of the Nomads. Yojimbo and the Aragatos advance destroying the second Tsyklon and killing a Jaguar. One of the MSV Drones destroys the Lunokhod and it’s CrazyKoalas. A ninja appears and destroys the second Tsyklon by rolling two Critical Hits due to it’s Suppresive Fire mode 😉 The MSV Drone then Coup de Graces the Unconscious Jaguar scoring 1 Point fo JSA. Yojimbo chases the Revend Custodier, is wounded in the process by the Boarding Shotgun but reaches Close-Combat. Then, a miracle (thanks to the Holy Mother of the Knife) happens, and the Reverend Custodier kills Yojimbo with her knife. To sum up, lots of Nomads die to almost no loses.

***Nomads Turn 2***

Too few orders left… Carlota Kowalsky and a Tomcat Doctor enter to add some orders despite JSA’s superior positioning. Carlots destroys an Aragato Spitfire and kills a FO Keisotsu. Then she moves and repairs the Feuerbach Tsyklon. The Interventor LT launches a Fast Panda to block on the JSA’s MSV Drones.

***JSA Turn 2***

JSA massacred… Aragatos advance with a Coordinated Order. The Tsyklon kills one of them, while the TR Zond controlling the middle of the field kills the second Aragator and Asuka Kosunagi within two orders. A few more JSA troops die, including a MSV Drone Holoprojecting as a different model. JSA is in big trouble, and has trouble securing any objectives. The second MSV Drone kills the Bounty Hunter Sniper, the LGL Alguacil, but is immobilized due to the Hackers’ Aro’s through the Fast Panda repeater.

***Nomads turn 3***

Nomads regain some initiative and kill the MSV Drone and some stragglers. The Reverend Custodier disconnects a second Antenna. The Tsyklon repositions itself to cover the centre of the battlefield nad the TR Drone shoots the Keisotsu Paramedic. Nomads at this point have disconnected two Antennas but failed to collect any Datapacks or Control the consoles.

***JSA turn 3***

A miracle happens. In short, a stealthy, lone Keisotsu FO manages to slip to the Nomad flank, disconnects one Antenna and… with the LAST ORDER goes prone and moves into B2B contact with one of the Consoles…covering himself from ARO fire by hiding behind the Unconscious Clockmaker and Tsyklon Spitfire. This Keisotsu scores three points for JSA by Controlling more Antennas. LAST ORDER Shenanings! He should get a medal…

To sum up:
– Nomads 3 points for disconnecting more Antennas
– JSA 4 points for Controling more Antennas (3) and fulfilling the Classified Objective
– We played Crazykoalas slightly wrong, but we learned from that mistake :]

An awesome, but extremely long game! I think the first JSA turn lasted close to an Hour! 🙂

Onzo GHQ SabotageOnzo GHQ SabotageOnzo GHQ SabotageOnzo GHQ SabotageOnzo GHQ SabotageOnzo GHQ SabotageOnzo GHQ SabotageOnzo GHQ SabotageOnzo GHQ Sabotage
Yu Jing

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  • McQuag says:

    nice close game always the best type 🙂 (esp when yu-jing win)

  • Lothair says:

    Yeah it was insane – the very last order cost me the game! The number of casualties on both sides though was terryfying though O_o

    We desperately need a WarCor to stop this senseless killing 😉 Where’s the propaganda machine when you need it?

  • Raindog says:

    That was a hard fought loss. Next time!